Insulas identity and communication

Insulas is a small Sardinian start-up company that organizes guided tours of the northern part of the island and has an international target market. The focus with this project was to convey experience, internationality and reliability rather than stress the fact that the company is new on the market.


The logo has a vintage feel and contains references to a custom designed system of icons around which the whole project revolves. While the company name was decided by the client,  the pay-off was part of the branding proposal.









The front side of the business card is a key matching the system of icons with a caption. The icons, which are intended to be clear to undertand even without caption (because of course the tours could be interesting also for non English speaking tourists!) are found on the promotional flyer that was designed for Insulas.

The explicit request for this design was for a single business card containing contact information of all thre members of the company, the idea being that when one of the three is guiding a tour he/she will be able to hand out the card to ¬†clients¬†and tick his own name for them to remember who of the three was their guide. ¬†The names are boxed and an empty space is kept on their left, making it easy and visually “tidy”¬†to add a small chekmark with a marker.




A map of northern Sardinia has been custom designed for the promotional flyer of the Insulas group. It is a useful visual reminder of the position and distances between the landmarks and the other sites that can be seen on the different tour routs that are proposed to tourists. The icons help an instant categorization of the activities. People will find it easier to choose the tour that is most appropriate for their interests.








All the photographs inside the flyer where shot by one of the three entrepreneurs, Gianluca Muscas, who is also a professional photographer whom I collaborated with several times.