Valerio Baroncini business card

Probably one of the most unconventional communication projects I have ever dealt with. Valerio Baroncini is the chief news editor of a well known Italian newspaper. He requested a special business card to hand out only in certain occasions together with his official one. The requests for this special card included adding additional and more private contact information and also obtaining a sleek design with a luxury feel. 

Not being this an official card from the newspaper, the corporate logo was not included in the design. As a matter of fact the style chosen to write the name of the newspaper plays on the principle of ¬†“past experience” codified inside¬†the Gestalt theory: you read it correctly only if you have heard the name before (which in this case is¬†expected from any person who has lived in Italy).

A feature I decided to add is the possibility of cutting the card into a square as shown below:¬†information was layed out in such a way that this operation causes to¬†exclude all¬†references to the paper leaving only Valerio’s personal information.