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HAHA is a small ceramic sculptural object measuring 20 cm in height. It is slip-cast in Faenza and it can be considered a work of 3D typography with a cinematic twist: the rotation of the object along a vertical axis produces the vision of a perpetual “haha”…. or “ahah” if you prefer laughing in Italian language (so it’s also bilingual). It is being manufactured as a numbered edition of 300 with a matte black enamel finish. If you scroll down a little you will find out what it’s story is.

Making process

HAHA was born as a sketch. One of the many I doodle inside the sketchbooks I always carry with me. I remember I was on vacation in Portugal with my wife and son when I first drew this typographic solid. About a year later I was organizing a little art show at the Tales of Art gallery together with my friends from the art collective Trash.Been. I wanted to make a ceramic object based on one of my sketches and asked the Trash.Been if they were willing to make special editions of it. I remember it was the gallery owner Marco Chiarini who pointed out the HAHA and suggested it be chosen to be made into ceramic object. The process started off from there, with a CAD drawing, then a prototype and a then a plexiglass jig. A very skilled ceramic artist (which I wuold be happy to credit if I could) then used the jig to make two plaster semi-molds.

Early stages of a PVC study model

Laser cut plexyglass jig

Plaster master shape used in the making of the molds

One of the two identical semi-molds

The other semi-mold…or maybe I photographed the same one twice

Half PVC model versus plaster master shape modeled after it

A leather hard HAHA awaiting to be marked with my logo

First batch of HAHAs (white ones are for special editions)

Special editions

Alessio Gianella (Trash.Been) – edition of 3

Luca Mex Filippi (Trash.Been) – edition of 3

edition of 25

Marcello Raffo (Trash.Been) – edition of 3

Marco Franceschini (Trash.Been) – edition of 3

Edward Sandling – unique piece

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